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stiri interne
stiri interne

Sentenced to uniqueness

23.11.2015 ·Scris de: in Sci-Fi, Fantasy

eminescu        Anger’s pain of the First pierced all of them taking them nearest of the last and final move.
-Why?,they howling in despair due to menace of extinction, billions of billions of them.

I gave you permission to play with My Creation by mixing you in the song of My poetry! I, The Unique Poet, I gave you the chance like lyrics of My poetry to leave your celestial footprint on destinies of our servants! And as a reward you’ve arranged, lyrics of My poetry, giving birth on one of you of a second I! I’ve trust in you and I left you, simple pathetic lyrics, to arrange as you like. You wrong once making it possible on the same of you, that a philosopher, who created a way of life that almost change the meaning and direction of My poetry, to be born. If I can forgive you because Buddha has created a way of thinking and life which is equal with vision of My Creation, I am unable to forgive you that your arrangement making it possible the birth of a poet what encompass in a simple Glossa My entire philosophy and My entire genius, thing that almost annihilated Me!
-Forgive us for the mistake made, our Father! It took me a long time to remove the wrong way in which we’ve arranged around that lumps of clay, but looks like our craftsmanship has been very strong, so neither the disease, neither poison cannot to stop the wrapper which bear his geniality. I had to resort to a brick to stop the mockery to which we were subjected.
-Even it was not the way that aspire to the art to which I leading and inspire you, I should forgive you, because the risk was huge, and you, pale Evening Star, wear mostly to blame, but it seems that you are the only one who has realized the mockery which your heavenly arrangement trow in our face. Henceforth I prohibit you to arrange how you want you to arrange! I do not want as a poem created by Me to beat Me at My own game!

“What do you care, you earthly mould,
Whether it’s I or other?

Enclosed within your narrow ring
Good-fortuned lives you’re spending,
Whilst I to my own heavens cling,
Immortal and unbending.”
(from poem “The Evening Star” by Mihai Eminescu

Cannot be another like Me!

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fără ocupaţie şi realizări materiale şi profesionale,un pesimist optimist,care o duce rău bine de tot sau bine rău de tot(încă nu m-am decis),dar mă doresc un fel de ‘gigi contra’ la tot şi la toate,dar nu-mi reuşeşte prea bine nici treaba asta

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