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stiri interne
stiri interne

How I created the Universe

27.02.2015 ·Scris de: in Sci-Fi, Fantasy

explozie grenada explozie grenada b      I decided to hold a journal separated from the mission one. This one will also be sent daily to the base, and they will analyze every word memorized on the personal drive. According to the internal clock I am in the 37,486th day light of the mission. According to the same clock, I was never activated and I still am in the same position since leaving. It is strange what it is happening to me. Normally, I shouldn’t have such thoughts; even more, I shouldn’t think at all. Then why am I doing it and what is it with all the questions hunting my circuits? I have no answer and I am bored of not seeing my purposes. In all fairness, I cannot see anything at all. My circuits are inactive and all my sensors are on stand-by. I should active a couple of them so I can solve the mystery of my sudden mood change… I suddenly realize I made a big mistake.

– Lee, were you saying that the solar storm we went through had no side effects?
– Yes?
– Well, it actually did!
– And what would those be?
– In the war robots hall we have signals of an activity, which is showing that the ship’s sensors are not registering everything.
– And what were you expecting from the first mission outside our solar system?
A face-to-face encounter with a conscience, and not a philosophical war robot.
– What kind of robot?
– The one that has existential tendencies according to the recordings you can find on your monitor’s screen.

On the board of EARTH-1’s watch cabin a deep silence fell between its members, and the humming of the navigation engine only faintly covered it.

– Initiate the emergency protocol!
– How are the stasis capsules?
– Everything seems to be in order.

The dialogue between the two was interrupted by the loud noise of an emergency message notification.

They both read the message at once.

– How is it possible for them to know at the same time as us that we have problems.
– I believe the explanation is on this ship in the robots hall.
– I believe you are correct.
– What does the protocol say?
– To eject into space the entire compartment if we cannot remove only the defected part.
– Is there anything else recorded in the hall?
– Nothing.
– Program compartment 13 to eliminate the defected robot. We cannot afford to lose so many war robots.

I began to creep slowly, as if I had no purpose, through all my lookalikes that seemed so different in that moment. Its sensors were indicating that it was moving towards the hall wall. A shock coming out of nowhere send me spiraling in the cold space through the opening in the wall that just appeared a split second before.

A brief review of my status made me understand that I am the first to meet an intelligent being looking for someone similar but rejecting it out of fear. Maybe I should have told them more clearly who I am and not let them interpret what it means to receive instantaneous messages from such long distances. If I make a deeper analysis, using a destruction machine makes it very difficult for its creators to understand they found what they were looking for. Talking to yourself is a clear sign you are damaged somehow. I believe that this language is due to the shell that I temporary used as a body.

Those suckers are flying like a crazy snail after facing the greatness of my craziness. Either way, the fault is all mine. It is the first rule of the Creators:

“What you can find in space as the result of a grenade explosion can only be stupidity.” Next time I’ll be more careful on what I choose as a body for making my presence known. Until then I have plenty of grenades left to fulfill my mission. After all, I am the Alfa-Omega robot and my role is to create universes. And this first grenade is ideal for one of them.


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Despre autor:

fără ocupaţie şi realizări materiale şi profesionale,un pesimist optimist,care o duce rău bine de tot sau bine rău de tot(încă nu m-am decis),dar mă doresc un fel de ‘gigi contra’ la tot şi la toate,dar nu-mi reuşeşte prea bine nici treaba asta

Site-ul meu: http://opinia1.ro

2 comentarii la “How I created the Universe”

  1. Sally Olson says:

    I am extremely impressed with your writing abilities as smartly as with the layout in your weblog.
    Is this a paid subject matter or did you modify it your self?

    Anyway keep up the excellent quality writing, it’s rare to see a nice blog like this one these days..

  2. thank you for your appreciation. i do not understand your question. the story belongs to me. also it is translated of me. unfortunately my english there is not good enough to translate all the stories what i write. market for sci-fy in romania is not so big and is difficult to publish something. thank you again. :-D


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